5 Most Common Oily Skin Care Mistakes

The main sign of oily skin is the presence of a characteristic shine. This universally hated shine on the skin appears due to increased greasiness.

The main symptoms of oily skin:

  • formation of pimples and blackheads due to the clogging of pores with fat;
  • the appearance of black dots (comedones);
  • enlarged pores;
  • manifestation of such pathology as skin seborrhea.

Oily Skin Care Mistakes To Avoid

With oily skin, the sebaceous glands secrete more sebum than necessary. Most of the times this type of skin is stressed and is severely dehydrated.

Oily skin owners need to organize their daily skin care properly. Let’s consider the main mistakes made by oily skin owners.

Mistake 1: Neglecting Moisturizing

Oily skin requires more moisturizing than dry skin. Without moisturizing oily skin, the stratum corneum thickens and the epidermis renewal process slows down. This results in clogged pores and the appearance of black spots and acne.

Mistake 2: Thorough Cleansing to the "Squeak"

Very often owners of oily skin try to clean it to “squeak” because of greasy fat and the feeling of a greasy film on the face. And they do it wrong! Overly thorough cleansing of oily skin breaks the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin and this leads to at least two negative consequences:

First, the skin becomes defenseless against bacteria and aggressive environmental influences.

Secondly, the epidermis stops retaining moisture.

Mistake 3: Overuse of Mattifying Products

Matting creams and wipes actually have the desired effect of shrinking pores and removing the hated shine. But this effect is unfortunately short-lived. The consequences of such means as a rule leads to dry skin, which further increases the shiny effect. Therefore, it is advisable to minimize the use of matting products if you are an oily skin owner.

Mistake 4: Use of Alcohol-Containing Products

Some manufacturers of oily skin care products call for “drying” acne and reducing sebum by adding alcohol-containing components to their composition.
I don’t argue that sometimes these products do the job, but alcohols can also dry out the skin, provoke flaking, increase oil shine and cause new inflammations.
When choosing products for oily skin, choose products with minimal alcohol in their components.

Mistake 5: The Absence of a Tonic in Your Daily Skincare Routine

There should be three main steps in our daily facial skin care routine:

✅ cleansing
✅ toning
✅ moisturizing

After we thoroughly cleanse our face, we need to equalize the skin’s pH and prepare it for further application of skin care products. Simply put, toner is the final stage of cleansing.

After cleansing cosmetics and tap water, the pH of the skin is disturbed, which leads to a weakening of its protective functions. We need to close the open pores and scales of the skin before proceeding to the application of skin care products (serums and creams). If we ignore the restoration of the skin’s PH balance, it can lead to flaking, fading and the development of pathogens, which causes rashes of various types to appear on the face.

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